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Richland Building Partners

3810 Harding Place


Richland Building Partners

3914 / 3916 Harding Place


Richland Building Partners

2028 Overhill Drive

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Richland Builders Clifton Lane

Modern, Custom—Built Homes

Richland Building Partners pushes the boundaries to custom-built homes in Nashville with our unique, modern designs that are unlike anything available in the area. Explore our available and planned homes to see for yourself what makes Richland’s designs unique.

Contemporary, Luxurious Design Meets Functionality

Richland Building Partners specializes in ultra-contemporary designs that do not sacrifice functionality. Our homes are built to push the boundaries of what is possible without losing the comforts expected of any home and instead provide unique comforts and features not expected in a family home.

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Green Hills Station Unit 7

Our Building Process


Land Acquisition

Richland researches the best areas based on parks, walking-availability, community amenities, schools, workplaces, coffee shops, restaurants, and high-value malls & shopping to decide the most desirable location for a build.

Design Planning

Our Cutting-Edge designs are planned based on the lot size to ensure the area is used to its full potential. We carefully inspect all building and design elements to plan the most impactful, stunning layouts.

Built to Spec

After our custom home is meticulously planned, the next step is to build everything according to the expectations and layouts determined. At this stage, everything will begin to come together and the unique design will come to life.


The final step in our custom building process is acquiring your dream home. Our homes are built throughout the Nashville area and provide different features to fit the needs of any family.

The Formula for a Custom-Built Richland Home

These are some of the unique elements that come together to create our signature custom homes.

Explore One of Our Custom
Homes — Harding Place

Take a look into one of our custom built modern homes, 3914 Harding Place, and explore all of the unique features that went into the making of this outstandingly unique Richland Builder’s home. This build takes no shortcuts with unique water features, a chef-grade kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, and an exquisite walk-in closet.

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